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Healing Creations by M

Crystal Pride Bracelets

Crystal Pride Bracelets

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Stones/Crystals included:

Rainbow Pride Bracelet

  • Amethyst: Crown Chakra-Divine Connection
  • Lapis Lazuli: Third Eye Chakra-Intuition
  • Turquoise: Throat - Communication
  • Adventurine: Heart Chakra - Love
  • Tiger's Eye: Solar Plexus Chakra - Willpower
  • Carnelian: Sacral Chakra - Passion
  • Red Jasper: Root Chakra - Grounded
  • Obsidian: Earth Chakra - Protection


Trans Pride Bracelet

  • Turquoise: the captivating sea-green stone of the ancients, represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope. A stone of communication and purification. It will effectively dispel negative energies and protect you against pollutants or negative outside influences. Ancient peoples believed in its profound power to protect, as well as its tranquil energy and its association with enduring love.
  • Rose Quartz: known as the universal love stone that promotes unconditional self love as well as love for others and vibrates with compassion. It attracts love and will softly help one open their Heart Chakra to receiving unconditional love and balancing the Divine feminine flow of the giving and reciprocity of love.
  • Pink Cat's Eye: believed to help ward off evil and acts as a talisman to protect against unforeseen danger. This stone is commonly known to bring wealth, prosperity, and help people regain lost wealth.
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